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Clean without Chemicals

Chemical Free Cleaning Products



*Laboratory tests have concluded Norwex Enviro Cloths and water (no chemicals) can pick up more bacteria than household bleach and a regular cotton cleaning cloth. After washing the cloth 300 times it still removes 99% of the bacteria!

*The Norwex micro fiber mitt functions as a magnet on dust? Dust and dirt are attracted and bound to the micro fiber surface by static electricity and absorb rather than spread dust particles.

*A Norwex micro fiber cloth is made from a fiber 1/100th the size of a human hair? One cloth consists of 2.9 million meters of fiber, woven to create capillary action that will remove 99% of bacteria and dirt.

*Throughout Europe, Norwex micro fiber cleaning products are used for residential cleaning as well as commercial cleaning of hospitals, daycare centers, schools, restaurants, and hotels.

*A study conducted on cleaning with micro fiber by Michael Archibald of the Royal Roads University, in Victoria, British Colombia concluded, "This system is simple, efficient, and effective, and represents the next generation in cleaning systems. Lastly, this system is as effective as cleaning WITH chemicals."

*Environmental studies have proven that 4 million pounds of chemical cleaners go down drains annually causing toxicological effects on our water systems and air quality due to the chemical waste.

*Methylene chloride, the propellant used in many aerosol products, is carcinogenic. Some products containing methylene chloride have been pulled from the market, but the carcinogen continues to be found in many consumer products. Source: Cancer Prevention Coalition c/o School of Public Health University of Illinois Medical Center

*Over 150 chemicals found in the average home have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological abnormalities (Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission)

*Mold and mildew cleaning chemicals can contain sodium hypochlorite and formaldehyde, which can irritate or burn skin and eyes, can cause fluid in the lungs, and can lead to coma or death. May cause nausea, headaches nosebleeds, dizziness, memory loss and shortness of breath.

*According to an Australian research study toddlers exposed to fumes from polishes, room fresheners and cleaning products in the home are most at risk for triggering asthma.

*National Cancer Association released results of a 15 year study concluding that women who work in the home are at a 54% higher risk of developing cancer than women who work outside the home because of the chemicals used to clean.

*Since 1980, asthma has increased by 600%. The Canadian Lung Association and the Asthma Society of Canada identify common household cleaners and cosmetics as triggers. In one decade, there has been a 42% increase in asthma (29% for men; 82% for women) Source: Center for Disease Control)

Norwex chemical free cleaning products offer a solution to this growing concern.

All Norwex products come with a 60-Day no questions asked, money -back guarantee.

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Clean Without Chemicals


Clean Without Chemicals


The Enviro Cloth This is the item if you want a superior clean with less work than traditional cleaning methods. The cloth removes bacteria, dirt and grime faster, easier and more safely than chemicals. Just imagine how much money you'll save when you no longer have to purchase all those cleaners. This cloth (and all of our cloths) comes with an unconditional 60 day satisfaction guarantee, and a 2 year performance warranty. Our cloths have been shown to last seven years or longer!

The Window Cloth This cloth cleans and polishes to a streak free clean every time. No more chasing streaks around your windows. No more hazy fog when you've finished. Together with the enviro cloth, you have the "Clean Team". Great for mirrors, glass doors, windows, brass. Anything that need to be shined!

Microfiber Mitt Microfiber has a natural static charge that makes this mitt ideal for dusting. Children love using this dust mitt! Used dry, it grabs dust and traps it in the mitt until you take it outside and shake it. As you remove the dust from your home, you will find that it takes longer for dust to accumulate. The mitt holds to your hand, so you don't have to work to keep it on while you dust. This feature is fantastic for anybody with joint stiffness or soreness.

Car Cloth Outside vehicle, clean with water and enviro cloth and dry with the car cloth. Car is washed in minutes, and looks like you just came from a car wash. Inside, wipe dash, windows and mirrors to keep interior clean. This cloth shines like the window cloth, and is more absorbent. Note: Our white netted Dish Cloth is excellent for cleaning bugs off your vehicle.

Microfiber Mop Our mop features a sturdy, broad, telescopic handle that is very easy to handle. The dry mop glides over floors effortlessly, clinging to dust and dirt as you sweep, keeping it in the mop head. Follow with the wet mop which removes over 99% of bacteria from your floor and cleans better than bleach*. Mop heads attach to base with Velcro, and are machine washable allowing for easy removal of dirt and grime from your mop � say goodbye to smelly, bacteria filled mop heads! *University of Arizona studies found that, with only water, Norwex microfiber removes more bacteria than bleach, CLR, or 409.

Maintenance: Wash slightly dirty cloths with a little dish/hand soap and use again before laundering. All cloths safe in washer and dryer. Wash with low lint items, any brand of soapdo not use bleach or fabric softener.

Save Money � reduce the use of chemicals, sponges, and paper towels up to 90%!

Save Time � our cleaning system saves time and effort � makes life easier

Better Health � you don't breathe, touch or ingest chemicals. Dirt and dust are removed instead of spread around. Removes 99% of bacteria from surfaces. Great benefit to those with allergies and asthma.

Better Environment � you will be doing your part to preserve the environment for our children and our future by not using or at least by reducing the amount of chemicals used.

Norwex also offers a great independent career opportunity.

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Swiffer Products

Swiffer Toilet Wand - $9.99
Refills - 10 @4.99
Yearly Cost for 1 toilet cleaned once a week $39.93
After initial cost of wand $29.94 per year for refills

Swiffer 14.59
Wet Refills - 12 @4.69
Dry Refills - 16 @4.69
Yearly cost to clean once a week $56.80
After initial purchase of wand $37.52 per year for refills

Swiffer Wet Jet 19.99
Refills - 12 @5.99
Yearly Cost to mop once a week $49.94
After initial purchase of mop $29.95 per year for refills

Swiffer Duster 4.89
Refills - 6 @8.39
Yearly Cost to dust once a week $76.89
After initial purchase of duster $72.00 per year for refills

Consider: These products are disposable, causing millions of pounds of plastics and refill products to be thrown in our land fills.

Norwex Enviro Products

Sanira Toilet Brush 31.00 (Not at website yet, but can be ordered)
Refill 9.99
Yearly cost to clean 1 toilet once a week 31.00
After initial purchase of brush $9.99 per year for refill

Microfiber Mop 69.99 to 95.99
Depending on the type of dry mop preferred
Yearly cost 0 after the initial purchase of the mop

Dusting Mitt 11.99
Yearly cost 0 after the initial purchase of the mitt

Consider: No additional chemicals to buy to use the Norwex products. And minimal disposable products with the toilet brush refill solution.

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Norwex Mop System

NORWEX MOP SYSTEMS - The  Norwex mops are excellent for keeping your flooring looking great by using only water to clean.  You can also use them to dust and wash walls, ceilings, and other hard-to-reach areas. 

The mop systems includes the extendable mop handle, mop base, dry mop and wet mop used for cleaning hardwood, tile, linoleum, and other floor surfaces, walls and ceilings.  They come in mini- size for small flooring areas.  Large mops are best if you have large flooring areas.

The following information describes the dry mops (both polyester and microfiber) and the wet mop.  I really love the velcro mop base as I like the way the mop pad stays firmly attached to the base while I use it.

Superior Dry Mop-yellow

The Dry Superior mop is great for large flooring areas, particularly where there are children and pets.  It contains 100% microfiber so it picks up even the smallest particles of dust and dirt and 99.9% of the germs and bacteria on your floor.  There is a mini Superior Mop System and a Large Superior Mop System.  If you have a large floor area you will be happier with the Large Mop, if a very small floor area (like me) you will be happpiest with the mini-Superior system.

DRY MOP-yellow (Polyester)

This dry mop is made of 100% Polyester and is excellent for cleaning floors, ceilings, walls, ceiling fans and high windows.  the mops are statically charged so he static electricity attracts dirt, dust, pet hair, crumbs, and micro particles like a silent vacuum cleaner.  To clean- use the rubber brush to remove the dirt or shake it out.  Launder occasionally as needed.

* The dry mop has a thick pile. It attaches to the Velcro on the mop base.


* Extensive use of dry mopping will preserve your hardwood and tile floors and reduce the wear and tear on waxed surfaces.

* Can be used on all washable surfaces, such as windows, and all smooth surfaces such as floors, walls, and ceilings.

* Begin by mopping around the edges of the room and walk your way towards the center moving he mop in a figure 8. This means that one side of the mop fills with the dirt first. When it no longer picks up dirt turn the other edge towards you and continue in the same manner.

* Thanks to the mop bases' flexible design you can easily clean hard to reach areas.

Wet Mops

The wet mop in either mop system is made of new microfiber ideal for washing floors and walls.  Sweep the surface with dry mop first and then clean with the wet Mop.  Remove the pad from the base and hand to dry when done washing floors or walls.  Make sure that you use the proper mopping technique-Move the mop in a good size figure-8 pattern from left to right in front of you, bringing the mop towards you as you back up so that you will be cleaning in one direction. 

Proceed to mop and clean your entire floor in a figure 8 pattern, rinsing when the front edge becomes dirty.

For spot cleaning- you can also use the spray bottle of water to dampen the floor, and then wipe with the mop.

Use the wet mop on Hardwood floors, tile, marble, wood, laminate, linoleum.

Note:  Always use the dry mop prior to using the wet mop.  Yellow mops are Dry for cleaning.  Blue mops are Wet for washing.

Maintenance for the Mops

*To save the environment and reduce the use of detergents, we suggest that slightly dirty mops be rinsed in warm water and used again before being washed. The mops can be washed with regular lint-free laundry. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners, however.

The small mop base is 9" X 3".  Large mop base is 16" X 3".
The telescopic handle will extend from 38" to 63".  

The Mop system comes in two sizes, Click Here to purchase the Mop System.  Call us at 1-800-552-7323 for more information.

The mop systems will be going up in price on February 1, 2008. Purchase any mop system before the price goes up and get a complimentary copy of Breakfasts for Busy Moms - Kicking the Breakfast Cereal Habit

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Norwex Power Plus Laundry Detergent

Norwex Ultra Power Plus Detergent is a highly concentrated, superior stain removing powder for use on all types of fabric leaving whites whiter and colors brighter.  Biodegradable.  No fillers.  Washes 80-400 loads depending on the type of washer you have. 

Front loaders use 1/2 tsp per load (that is teaspoon), 1 Tbsp per top loader with the Magnet Ball, or 2 Tbsp without the Magnet Ball.  

This detergent costs less per load than standard grocery store brands such as Tide because it is so concentrated with no fillers.  Be sure to compare cost per load.  Compare Norwex detergent to Tide HE below:

Here is what one cup of water and 1/2 tsp Norwex Detergent and one cup water and 1/2 tsp Tide HE looks like when you first mix them up:


The following picture shows what 1 cup of water mixed with 1/2 tsp of Norwex Detergent and 1/2 tsp of Tide HE looks like after 15 minutes.  Which detergent would you choose? The one with the fillers or the clear example? 

The clear mixture below is the Norwex Detergent (after 15 minutes) and the cloudy is Tide.  I was very surprised by the results of this simple test.

  I had no idea most conventional detergents (powder or liquid) contain fillers which are ground up whale  bones, chalk, ground up peanut shells etc that add bulk and the sense of value to the product.  However, these fillers leave clothes dingy and I believe contribute to itching, allergies, and pre-mature fading of fabrics. 

A customer has pointed out to me that Norwex is not a certified HE product.  Here is the Norwex Corp statement regarding this:

"The warranty for your machine states that you must use HE recognized soap. We are unable to be HE recognized as our soap manufacturer does not have a service agreement with the machine manufacturer. Company’s like Tide and Kenmore have agreements together for sales of soap and repairs. What makes soap HE compatible is the low phosphates. We are phosphate free so it is great for the front loading machines. Just start with about ½ TSP and adjust accordingly. Hope this helps."

We have customers with HE machines and they have been using Ultra Power Plus for a while and they have not experienced any problem with our powder causing suds when they use a very small amount.  We tell the customers to use approx 1/10 of the recommended amount which works out to 1/2 tsp per load.  Our customers are really liking the amount because a 2kg bag is giving them 400 loads or more.

Here is a statement from Norwex's detergent supplier regarding HE detergents:

 "The problem with making the claim that our product is HE is that the big companies have worked together to push us little people out to help build their sales.  When customers by a new HE washing machine they are told that they have to use an approved HE laundry detergent.  When you go and buy a HE detergent the box has stated on the side that this is specially formulated for HE washing machines and gives a list of the brands that they are approved by.  As you can see its makes it very difficult to sell against their claim.  They put the fear in the customer that if they use other products it will ruin their machine and costs will be massive. 

I don't have enough experience with HE washing machines but what I do know is that the HE powder that is on the market is still full of bad fillers and the product does NOT dissolve in water.  This problem is the same problem that the conventional powders had, which caused many machines to malfunction early on. Norwex Detergent dissolves in water and works very well to clean clothes.  We have customers that have been using Norwex Detergent  for years and they’ve never had their pumps blow up or lines build up in regular washing machines. 

Ed Note: Remember, Norwex products come with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.  I can honestly say I have loved this product.  Marilyn Moll, Norwex Consultant

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Spring Cleaning - A Sensible plan for cleaning room by room

Fast, Easy, Economical Spring Cleaning
Room by Room

by Marilyn Moll and Sandy Tuin

 When we do Spring Cleaning, we take it room by room using the time we have and completing each job step by step.  Read through the instructions before you get started and outline a plan. 

Note:  The only cleaning products needed are micro-fiber and water.  No paper towel, or chemicals.  You may enjoy using the safe cleaners made from non-toxic ingredients or natural enzymes like the Mattress Cleaner,   and Odour Eliminator.  The Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent is biodegradable, contains no fillers, and is highly concentrated.  As little as ½ tsp per load in a front loader is all it takes.  

Living Room and Dining Room     - Start at the room that gets the most use and public exposure.  Do all the dusting in both rooms, then windows etc for that economy of scale efficiency.

    Dust and De-clutter– Use the Norwex Microfiber mitt or Enivro cloth dry, to thoroughly dust the entire room. Clear the clutter as you go.  Use the 3 box system- give-away, throw-away, and put-away.  Use the Norwex mop system to wipe down walls and remove cobwebs.

    Curtains and Drapes – Curtains can be machine washed with Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent .  It only takes ½ tsp in a HE machine.  Line dry if possible.  Dry Clean only drapes can be tumbled in a cool dryer to remove dust.  Re-hang.

    Windows – Next wipe down all the windows with a damp Enviro Cloth and then polish with
the Window Cloth.  You won't believe how quick and easy the window polishing goes with a dry micro-fiber window cloth.

    Upholstery – Spot clean using an Enviro cloth and water.  Vacuum cushions, backs, under cushions and apply Mattress Cleaner to cushions and cushion backs.

    Vacuum the room thoroughly including under furniture around the edges. 

    Odour Eliminator – Dilute in water 7 parts water to one part Odor Eliminator and spray the room to eliminate off odors and overall freshen up the room.  If it is warm enough - open the windows!

Re-Arrange furniture for a seasonal change if desired.  VOILA – you are done!

Bedrooms -  Repeat the same steps above:  Dust and De-clutter, Curtains and Drapes, and Windows.

    Beds – Wash mattress pad, blankets, and other bedding in the Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent. Hang out to dry if possible.  Turn mattress.  Spray with Mattress Cleaner. Make up bed.

    Vacuum the room thoroughly including under furniture and bed around the edges of the room.

Kitchen and Pantry  - This is probably a big job if it hasn't been done lately.  So allow plenty of time – or take it a few cabinets at a time or use 15-30 minute time segments daily until the job is done.  Getting started is the hardest part.

    Cabinets – Clear everything out of the cabinets.  Purge unused, and out-of date items.  Wipe down the inside and outside cabinet surfaces with a damp Enviro Cloth.  Apply lemon oil to wood cabinets if desired.

    Refrigerator – Clear everything out of the refrigerator or do it shelf by shelf, drawer by drawer. Purge unused, moldy, and out of date foods.  Wipe shelves and exterior of refrigerator with a wet Enviro Cloth.  Polish with  dry window cloth.  Plastic drawers should be removed, washed and dried.  Re-assemble everything neatly and you will be amazed at how much more room you now have!

    Floors – Use the Norwex mop system to get the floor dry mopped,  and then wet mop.  It only takes water.

    Oven – If you do not have a self-cleaner, water and spirinettes with lots of elbow grease will do the job.

    Cook Top – Smooth top and conventional electric ranges can be maintained and  polished with an Enviro Cloth and window cloth.  If you have tough burned on food use the cleaning paste with a damp Enviro or the Micro-pad.

Bathrooms Surprisingly, you can get most of the bathroom cleaned up very well using an Enviro Cloth and water.  Since the Enviro clothes are anti-bacterial no disinfectants are needed.

    Toilet-  Sanira Toilet System – Both cleaning solution and brush are produced from environmentally friendly raw materials.  The cleaning solution is vegetable based with coconut oil and a naturally- occurring sugar surfactant.  The b rush does not contain any metal parts.  Using only ¾ tsp a week, this solution will last about a year.  Compare to 2 Tbsp of traditional cleaner and save.

    Throw Rugs – Wash with Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent and hang out to dry.  Replace.

    Mirrors – Wipe with a damp
Enviro and polish with dry Window Cloth for a streak free shine in seconds. 

    Floors – Use
Norwex Mop System to dry and wet mop.

    Shower & Tubs -  Maintained weekly with an
Enviro cloth and water you won't have much extra work.  Wash out shower curtain liners and shower curtain with Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent and rehang after the shower is cleaned up. 

    Shower Doors can be descaled the safe non-toxic way with De-Scaler a wonderful gel that removes lime scale easily.  The netted dish cloth can also be used to remove soap scum.  Wipe down the shower after each use with a dry microfiber dust mitt to eliminate lime scale and scums.

    Halls and Closets -  Apply the above products and principles of de-cluttering, wiping down, mopping and/or vacuuming to closets and hall ways. Wash and dry throw rugs and replace.

Norwex products mentioned above are described with additional uses on the next page.
For information about a business opportunity with Norwex Enviro Products Click Here.
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Uses for Microfiber Cloths

Enviro Cloth - Use on windows, textured, and dark colored kitchen appliances, spot clean upholstery and carpet, lamps, plants, computers, stainless steel, walls, white boards, counters, bath tubs and sinks, toilets, fixtures, stovetops, baseboards, mirrors, cars, shelves, shower doors, ceiling fans, light switches and plates, telephones, remotes, sticky price tag residues, shines shoes - and anything else you have that needs cleaning with just water!

Window Cloth - Used in conjunction with a wet enviro cloth it polishes any smooth surface that you can imagine with little effort, mirrors, windows, jewelry, chrome, stainless steel, glass surfaces, fixtures etc. It can also be used alone with a spritz of water. Will leave a streak free shine!

Dust Mitt - Used dry for mini blinds, plants, furniture, pictures, TV, electronics, spindles, lamps, baseboards, window sills etc. It works great to dry your shower to prevent buildup of lime scale and soap scum. You could use it to wash your body or your car too!!

Microfiber Mop System - Dry mop is used on all types of flooring to remove pet hair, dirt etc. Also works on walls and ceilings and ceiling fans to remove cobwebs. Wet mop cleans floors to a streak free shine, dries in minutes. The mop is also great for cleaning tall windows with the telescopic handle and the addition of mop clips. The rubber brush is a must to clean off the wet and dry mop pads and also works wonderfully to remove pet hair, and to clean stairs.

Odour Eliminator - Use diluted 7 parts water to 1 part odour eliminator for use in bathrooms, garbage cans, lockers, changing rooms, litter boxes, laundry. Can also be sprayed as an air freshener. Leaves a fresh and clean fragrance and is not overpowering. Lasts a long time!

Cleaning Paste - Use this environmentally friendly paste to clean, polish, and protect chrome, stainless, aluminum, porcelain and similar surfaces. Great for smooth cook tops.

Ultra Plus Laundry Detergent - Use in all laundry for bright, clean clothes, drapes, rugs, bedding etc. Highly concentrated, and low sudsing but very concentrated andefficient. Use only 1 Tablespoon in top loaders. Use only 1 teaspoon in front loaders! Totally dissolves, no fillers to aggravate allergies!
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