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What makes me successful at yard sale-ing? It really comes down to the fact that I've spent literally hundreds of hours wading through other people's "stuff" in their front yards, garages and porches. There's nothing like experience to teach you a think or two about what works and what doesn't!

Let me give you an example of a successful yard sale find that happened to me. I was aimlessly looking at a "glassware table." There in the midst of the Flintstone's Jelly Jar Glasses was one lone champagne flute. It caught my attention, looking remarkably like the Waterford glasses I bought in Ireland before I was married (i.e. when money was plentiful!). I picked it up, checked it out. . .lo and behold, it held not a Waterford stamp on it, but Galway (the sister glassware to Waterford).

The entire table was marked $1.00 each. I tried hard to contain myself and went to pay for the item. The woman running the sale asked, "

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