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OPEN FORUM - Phone Seminar Transcript - November 3, 2005

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Transcript of "Open Forum" Phone Seminar
November 3, 2005
Notes taken by Heather Tully

2 Parts to this seminar: 1) Updates/Information & 2) Questions and Answers

The topic for the next phone seminar on November 17, 2005 is vintage home keeping and hope chests. Our feature guests are Martha Green and Rebekah Wilson, both authors are introducing new books just in time for Christmas.

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Questions and Answers:
How do I get my bread to not be so heavy? Here are some key points to remember when making bread:
Soft White Wheat or pastry wheat should be used when baking with baking powder such items as cookies, cakes, biscuits, pancakes (NO YEAST!) while Hard Red Wheat should be used for yeast breads because of the higher protein content. Try using spring wheat vs. winter wheat because it has a higher protein content which enables your bread to rise better. Spring wheat is planted in the Spring harvested in the Fall.

Add vital gluten to your bread making process. This will give your bread a protein boost and help it to rise better making softer, fluffier bread. (You could also add white flour, but this is not recommended as it compromises some of the nutritional value of whole grains.)
Marilyn recommends playing with the measurements for the vital gluten based on your taste preferences, but a good place to start is to add 1/3-1/2 cup vital gluten for 2 loaves or 2/3-1 cup when making bread from the Bosch or other large mixer
White wheat and read wheat are basically the same nutritionally, with the difference being the color and taste. (The white wheat is much milder in taste and lighter in color than the red wheat.)
Remember to pack your soft wheat into a measuring cup (like you would for brown sugar) when measuring the pastry flour for baked goods. This pastry flour can be used to replace all purpose white flour cup for cup in any recipe not containing yeast.

Should I use Sucanat or Turbino?
Author Sue Gregg, in her book titled "Desserts" recommends using Sucanat because it is less refined than Turbino, contains the original vitamins and minerals found in sugar cane juice, and has less effect on blood sugar.

How do you have time to do it ALL?
Remember to have balance in your life. God's ways are never burdensome! Try making one change at a time. Gradual change is much more likely to be permanent change. If you are feeling overwhelmed, just do the next thing, and avoid the tendency to be perfectionistic or take an all or nothing appoach.

Any tips for avoiding the flu?
a. Drink 2 quarts of filtered water each day!!!
b. Remember to wash and rinse your hands for at least 20 seconds. Don't forget to teach this to your children!
c. Herbalists now recommend using Elderberry vs. Echinacea to help build up your immune system to avoid getting the flu. Take 4 times a day if you are exposed to the flu and 6/day or every 2 hours if you have the flu. Shonda Parker's product of choice is Yummy Yarrow with Elderberry.

Can you recommend a juicer that will work for wheat grass, vegetables and citrus?
Omega 8003/8005 (see our catalog for prices): this juicer is great for wheat grass and vegetables! It will do some citrus but Marilyn recommends using a handheld juicer for that.
Remember to grow your wheat grass indoors (a kit is sold in the catalog), letting it grow to 3-4 inches before cutting it. See the book "The Sprouting Book by Ann Wigmore for more information on seeds to sprout and/or juice.

What is the difference between the Kitchen Aid and Bosch?
The main difference between these two products is power or watts. The Bosch is more powerful, making it better to use for wheat breads. The Boshc has 700 watts and a switch that automatically shuts it off if it were to be overloaded. Another difference is capacity: the Bosch can make 5 loaves of bread at a time while most Kitchen Aid's only can do 2 loaves. Also, the Bosch comes with a six cup blender. It is lighter in weight than a KA and takes up less counter space.

How can I get my yogurt to be less runny?
Marilyn recommends using gelatin, instructions are found in the catalog and at the website. A caller recommended adding additional powdered milk to thicken the yogurt.

Is it ok to grind flax seed in a Nutrimill?
Do NOT grind it in your Nutrimill but instead use either a coffee grinder or blender. All the high speed mills are recommended for dry beans and grains. Some customers have mixed flax seed with grain and successfully milled the flax that way.

Do the bread pans that you sell have a coating on them?
Yes, these tinware pans do have a light, nonstick coating but the pans still must be greased. Bread pans should be wiped out rather than washed if possible. While some worry about the aluminum bakeware, remember it should never be used for cooking under these two conditions: 1) when cooking with acidic food like tomatoes or 2) when stirring a pot with an aluminum spoon. Also, Teflon should not be used for baking at 500 degrees or higher but is okay if the temperatures are below this.

What kind of Coconut Oil should I use?
The authors of the book "Eat Fat, Loose Fat" recommend using organic extra virgin coconut oil. Be sure to listen in on February 3, 2005 when the authors, Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, Phd. will join us! A caller recommended a brand of virgin coconut oil called Nutiva , which can be bought for $55/gallon with NO shipping at ""

What is Whey?
Whey is the liquid part of milk when it curdles. If you strain yogurt or kefir with cheesecloth, the clear liquid that separates from the curds is the whey. It can be used with fermented vegetables and in baking. You can add 1 tablespoon whey per cup of waterif soaking flour in the 2-stage process of bread making.

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The next phone seminar will be Thursday November 17, 2005 at 9:00 PM EST. Both Rebekah,Wilson and Martha Greene will be my phone seminar guests when we talk about Vintage Homekeeping and Hope Chests.

Both Martha and Rebekah will be talking about their new books coming out just in time for perfect Christmas gifts for the young daughters you are training up to be keepers at home! Read more information below about Martha and Rebekah's upcoming new books and phone seminar.

For the transcript of the Phone Seminar from THE MAKER'S DIET on 10-20-05.

For the transcript of the Phone Seminar with Sue Gregg on 10-6-05.

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