Why Mill Your Own Fresh Flours?

1. Fresh flours taste better and perform much better in whole grain recipes kneaded in Heavy Duty Mixer and Zojirushi Bread Machines.

2. Fresh flour contains all the vitamins and minerals missing in commercial flours. It includes the bran which is vital for a healthy colon and weight control.For information on electric grain mills click here.

3. Fresh flour is economical! It only costs about 25¢ per pound or less when freshly milled.

4. If you mill only the amount of flour needed, essential nutrients are preserved. Within 24 hours up to 40% of the nutrients have oxidized. In three days up to 80% of nutrients have oxidized.

5. Stale flours become rancid because the germ oils in the grain become rancid. Rancid oils and flours strain the immune system, speed the aging process and contribute free radicals into our bodies.

6. When you mill your flour fresh you may enjoy various grains such as rye, corn, oats, rice, amaranth, spelt, quinoa, and kamut, as well as beans. Different varieties of flour are good for rotation diets, economy, and variety in eating.

7.Baking Books for beginning whole grains bread enthusiasts can be at the Urban Homemaker website under books.

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