HEALTH EFFECTS of Water Pollutants

MULTIPURE DRINKING WATER SYSTEMS reduce a wide range of contaminants of health concern plus chlorine, choramine and particulate matter. Below is a summary of the tested contaminants that the Multi-Pure System is certified to remove and thier noted health effects. Please write to for a copy of the Performance Data Sheet for the specific claims for the Multi-Pure model you are interested in.



2,4-D - Nervous system, Liver and kidney damage

Carbofuran - Nervous system, kidney, reproductive system, and liver damage; anemia, leukemia

Chlordane - Nervous System and muscle damage; cancer

cis-1,3-Dichloropropylene - Bladder and kidney damage

Endrin - Nervous system, kidney, liver, heart damage; anemia, cancer

Heptachlor - Cancer

Heptachlor Epoxide - Cancer

Lindane - Nervous sytem, liver, kidney damage

Methozychlor - Nervous system, kidney, liver damage; anemia, cancer

Toxaphene - Endocrine Disruptor, cancer


Alachlor - Cancer, nervous system damage

Atrazine - Cancer, nervous system and mammary glands damage

Dinoseb - Thyroid, reproducitve organ damage

Pentachlorophenol - Liver and kidney damage; cancer

2,4,5-TP - Nervous system, liver, and kidney damage; cancer