Basic Brown Rice

Basic Brown Rice
Brown rice is the highest of all grains in B vitamins, and
it also contains iron, and vitamin E. Nourishing
Traditions has recipes for many tasty, ethnic brown rice
variations including Indian Rice, Mexican Rice, Greek
Rice, Oriental Rice Salad, Wild Rice Casserole and
many others

2 Cups long-grain or short grain brown rice
4 Cups pure warm water, plus 4 TB kefir, vinegar, or
lemon juice
1 tsp. Real salt
2-4 TB butter

Combine the rice, water, and yogurt (or kefir OR lemon
juice) in a stock pot with a secure cover. Allow to soak
for 7 or more hours if possible. Bring to a boil, reduce
heat, add salt and butter, cover tightly. DO NOT
REMOVE THE LID. Cook over lowest possible heat, for
about 45 minutes. (I soak my rice in my Duromatic and
pressure cook to save a lot of time.)
Variations: Use 1 cup coconut milk, or homemade
chicken, beef, or fish stock for part of the liquid.