Simple Wreath Making Instructions

Directions for Making a Wreath

             Step by Step Instructions
                    by Sandy Tuin

Materials Needed
Pine Wreath base - artificial or real
Pine cones (can spray gold or silver if desired), optional
Holiday picks with berries,  fruit, drums, silk poinsettia,  other seasonal items
Cinnamon Sticks - glue three together
Rose Hips

1.  Fluff wreath by bending stems up and out.

2. Make a hanger if there is not one on the wreath form already by
looping narrow wire in a small circle on the back of the wreath.

3.Make Bow  and attach.  You will need approximately 10 feet of ribbon for one bow. Wired ribbon
is the easiest to fluff up and arrange nicely.

4.  Arrange decorations as desired keeping in mind that the rule of thumb is an odd number of the same type of decoration such as 3, 5, 7, etc.

5.  I usually place decorations on the wreath and play with it until I find what I like.
Then, hot glue the items on the wreath.

6.  Optional:  Place small amount of filler such as baby's breath or other dried material
as desired.

TIP:  When placing the items in the wreath they will look better if you will place them down inside the branches, rather than just laying them on top.