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Why Dehydrate?

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Why Dehydrate?

We're hooked on dehydrating! Most foods can easily and successfully be dried with very little preparation time. What's more, they are even easier to use!

Advantages of Dried Foods:

  • Easily Stored - Dried foods take one-tenth or less the storage space of canned foods.
  • Naturally Good and Nutritious - Flavor and nutrition are kept in dried foods without adding preservatives, sugar, or salt. Dried fruits and some vegetables (such as seasoned zucchini chips) are great natural snacks.
  • Economical - Bottles, jars, lids, sugar, etc. are just some of the items you won't have to buy when you dry food. Processing energy will also be lowered considerably. Overripe fruit needn't be thrown away but can be converted into tasty fruit leathers.
  • Completely Safe - Dried foods (even vegetables and meats) are completely safe when dried according to directions. There is no danger of botulism because the moisture that is a breeding ground for organisms has been removed.
  • Versatile - Dried foods are easily reconstituted for use in many recipes; from main dishes to breads and desserts. Leftovers and peelings can be dried for flavoring soup stock.
  • Easily Prepared - For people in a hurry, drying is the ideal way to preserve food. Very little preparation is needed - no hot jars, canners, or boiling water to tend.

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