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Sprouting: Why Sprout?

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1. Fresh is best! It is highest in nutrients and live enzymes which aid in digestion and convert starches and fats into useable products for the body. Fresh food is especially hard to obtain in the winter.
2. Locally Grown. Don't be dependent on produce that must be shipped hundreds or thousands of miles for precious green foods.
3. Fiber. Sprouts contain fiber which stimulates the body's self-cleansing abilities.
4. 100% Organic. No chemicals are used in growing your own indoor mini garden.
5. Superior Nutrition. Sprouts are baby plants in their prime which contain a higher percentage of essential proteins, minerals and vitamins.
6. Digestibility. Live enzymes make the nutrients available in sprouts easy for the body to assimilate.
7. Economics. A great way to eat organic, nutritious food at an affordable price.
8. Source of Antioxidants that slow the aging process.
9. Easy. For minimal investment, a minimum of space, no lights, no bugs, and only a minute or two a day, you can't beat the great nutritional benefits.
10. Gourmet. Casseroles, cookies, dips, breads, snacks, and more can incorporate sprouts.

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