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Avoiding the Flu Tips from Shonda Parker

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TOPIC: Avoiding the Flu Naturally seminar conducted November 18, 2004.

Here are some of the highlights of her best tips for Avoiding the Flu Naturally.

1. First of all, drink AT LEAST two quarts of filtered water a day. Shonda states that moist mucous membranes are less likely to allow those little flu bugs to get a foothold. May I suggest that you consider investing in a drinking water purifier as low cost "health insurance"? The Multipure system costs seven cents a gallon. Compare to bottled water and save!

2. Shonda pointed out the importance of hand washing for AT LEAST 20 seconds to get your hands really clean and germ free. Since hand washing is always important in avoiding colds and flus, be sure to wash and rinse for at least 20 seconds to be effective, and teach your children to do the same.

3. Did you know that many herbalists are now recommending a maintenance dose of Elderberry to gently stimulate the immune system from catching those nasty bugs instead of echinacea? Yummy Yarrow with Elderberry by Tri-light Herbs is her combination of choice to reduce the risk of getting the flu. Taken twice a day for avoiding the flu, Shonda suggests increasing the dosage to four times daily if you have been exposed to viruses.

4. If you find yourself coming down with the flu symptoms, such as overwhelming fatigue, than she recommends increasing the dosage of an Echinacea combination product to 6 times a day. A product such as Echinacea and Thyme is a good choice. She pointed out, however, that taking the herbal remedy every two hours is VERY important, as the immune stimulating effect of echinacea lasts for only 2 hours. Did you know that?

5. If you try all of the above strategies and still find yourself or children coming down with a full case of the flu, Shonda suggests eating very lightly, or fasting from solid foods (not liquids) and using a combination of Ginger, Capsicum, Echinacea, and Golden Seal. The suggested dose is 1 gm or 4 "O" capsules or 2 "OO" capsules every four hours. These herbs can be encapsulated very economically at home, or Flew Away is a comparable product.

6. Any spicy foods like jalapeno's, salsa, or homemade Chicken Soup with a little cayenne are great natural remedies for combating colds and flus according to Shonda. My recipe for Chicken Soup for Colds and flus contains ginger , garlic, and capsicum or cayenne.

7. One seminar guest was inquiring about enlarged tonsils. Shonda explained that moms can be trained to promote drainage in the lymph tissue (tonsils are lymph) with a technique used by osteopathic physicians through a video called The Block System for Treating Ear and Respiratory Infections. This easy-to-follow video includes step-by step instructions for treating both infants and children. You don't have to have an OD help you, learn to do it yourself. (Ed note: This DVD investment of $24.95 will cost less than half of an unnecessary doctor visit.)

8. Did you know that ginger is the herb of choice whenever there is any stomach involvement, for its anti-spasmotic properties. Tummy Plus is the herbal combination we use when are tummies aren't quite right.

9. For more information about how to use Trilight Herbal Remedies you can consult The Mother's Guide for Using Trilight Herbal Remedies by Shonda Parker at our website.

10. For more information about Natural Health Care for children and family health read Shonda Parker's book MOMMY DIAGNOSTICS.

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