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An Introduction to Whole Grain Baking with Sue Gregg

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 May 3, 2007 with Marilyn Moll, moderating
 To listen to a compilation of Phone Seminars including a recording Sue Gregg talking with Marilyn regarding Whole Grains CLICK HERE.

Thursday, May 3, we talked with Sue Gregg regarding her new book, An Introduction to Whole Grains. This new book is designed to be the text book that goes with the Baking With Whole Grains Curriculum, as well as a complete cookbook on blender batter baking and the two-stage process for quick breads and yeast breads.

Sue explained the benefits of the two-stage process both nutritionally and as a convenience to the cook. One of the benefits of soaking flour is the enzymes are activated that promote digestion of the grain, and the phytates are neutralized releasing a high percentage of the minerals that would otherwise be bound up.

Sue also described her Taste and Tell Recipe Sampler recipes and some of her favorite recipes from each of the different books in the series. We wrapped up the hour with Sue answering audience questions.

Sue Gregg has made available a limited number of her recipe samplers called, Taste and Tell, to anyone ordering one or more of her cookbooks. Please request your copy of Taste and Tell when placing an order for Sue Gregg cookbooks by asking for Free Taste and Tell, in the comments section of check out or over the phone. This free offer is while supplies last

Including Sue's new book, An Introduction to Whole Grains, this popular 6-book set PLUS this long-awaited new book is on sale for $92.00 (reg. $116) with F.REE shipping!

(7-Cookbook Set includes: Main Dishes, Lunches & Snacks, Soups and Muffins, Desserts, Breakfasts, Meals In Minutes, and An Introduction To Whole Grain Baking)

 Twelve Phone Seminars including this seminar with Sue Gregg are available in MP3 format on CD or electronically downloadable formats.  For more information on over 12 hours of Continuing Education for Moms CLICK HERE

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