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Uses for Microfiber Cloths

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Enviro Cloth - Use on windows, textured, and dark colored kitchen appliances, spot clean upholstery and carpet, lamps, plants, computers, stainless steel, walls, white boards, counters, bath tubs and sinks, toilets, fixtures, stovetops, baseboards, mirrors, cars, shelves, shower doors, ceiling fans, light switches and plates, telephones, remotes, sticky price tag residues, shines shoes - and anything else you have that needs cleaning with just water!

Window Cloth - Used in conjunction with a wet enviro cloth it polishes any smooth surface that you can imagine with little effort, mirrors, windows, jewelry, chrome, stainless steel, glass surfaces, fixtures etc. It can also be used alone with a spritz of water. Will leave a streak free shine!

Dust Mitt - Used dry for mini blinds, plants, furniture, pictures, TV, electronics, spindles, lamps, baseboards, window sills etc. It works great to dry your shower to prevent buildup of lime scale and soap scum. You could use it to wash your body or your car too!!

Microfiber Mop System - Dry mop is used on all types of flooring to remove pet hair, dirt etc. Also works on walls and ceilings and ceiling fans to remove cobwebs. Wet mop cleans floors to a streak free shine, dries in minutes. The mop is also great for cleaning tall windows with the telescopic handle and the addition of mop clips. The rubber brush is a must to clean off the wet and dry mop pads and also works wonderfully to remove pet hair, and to clean stairs.

Odour Eliminator - Use diluted 7 parts water to 1 part odour eliminator for use in bathrooms, garbage cans, lockers, changing rooms, litter boxes, laundry. Can also be sprayed as an air freshener. Leaves a fresh and clean fragrance and is not overpowering. Lasts a long time!

Cleaning Paste - Use this environmentally friendly paste to clean, polish, and protect chrome, stainless, aluminum, porcelain and similar surfaces. Great for smooth cook tops.

Ultra Plus Laundry Detergent - Use in all laundry for bright, clean clothes, drapes, rugs, bedding etc. Highly concentrated, and low sudsing but very concentrated andefficient. Use only 1 Tablespoon in top loaders. Use only 1 teaspoon in front loaders! Totally dissolves, no fillers to aggravate allergies!

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