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Chemical Free Cleaning Products
CHEMICAL FREE CLEANING - AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME! DID YOU KNOW??? *Laboratory tests have concluded Norwex Enviro Cloths and water (no chemicals) can pick up more b
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Clean Without Chemicals
  Clean Without Chemicals   The Enviro Cloth This is the item if you want a superior clean with less work than traditional cleaning methods. The cloth removes ba
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Untitled Document COST COMPARISON Swiffer Products Swiffer Toilet Wand - $9.99 Refills - 10 @4.99 Yearly Cost for 1 toilet cleaned once a week $39.93
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Norwex Mop System
NORWEX MOP SYSTEMS - The  Norwex mops are excellent for keeping your flooring looking great by using only water to clean.  You can also use them to dust and wa
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Norwex Power Plus Laundry Detergent
Norwex Ultra Power Plus Detergent is a highly concentrated, superior stain removing powder for use on all types of fabric leaving whites whiter and colors brighter.  Biod
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Spring Cleaning - A Sensible plan for cleaning room by room
Fast, Easy, Economical Spring CleaningRoom by Roomby Marilyn Moll and Sandy Tuin  When we do Spring Cleaning, we take it room by room using the time we have and completi
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Uses for Microfiber Cloths
Enviro Cloth - Use on windows, textured, and dark colored kitchen appliances, spot clean upholstery and carpet, lamps, plants, computers, stainless steel, walls, white boards,
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