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Bread Machine Tips

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Bread Machine Tips How to trouble shoot those less than perfect loaves and have success

1. If your bread falls: try reducing the liquid by 1/8 Cup and/or increasing salt by 1/8 tsp and/or decrease yeast by 1/8-1/4 tsp.

2. If you loaf is too short or heavy: Decrease salt by 1/8 tsp and or increase yeast and sugar by 1/2 tsp and/or use high quality freshly milled hard wheat and or add 1-3 TB vital gluten and/or increase liquid temperature to 100-110 degrees F.

3. If the crust is too thick: Use home made programming feature to cut the baking time to 45 minutes and/or reduce sweetener and/or increase liquid by 1/8 cup.

4. Kneading arm is hard to remove: Spray the post and inside hold of the kneading arm with non-stick cooking spraky prior to baking and/or soak baking pan in hot water for 5-10 mijnutes to soften crust, then remove arm from post.

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