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Vapo-Seal Waterless Cookware

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Why is heavy-duty, 304 Surgical Stainless Steel cookware the healthiest cookware to use?This set makes the perfect wedding or anniversary gift!

Because you can cook without oil or water. This is called "waterless cooking." Oil and water are the two great destroyers of flavor and nutrition.

Traditional cooking methods waste nutrients and energy. The more water you use, the more nutrition you are pouring down the drain because water dissolves the nutrients. Almost 50% of nutrients in food are lost when food is boiled. Using waterless high-quality cookware you'll retain nutrients and flavor by cooking on low heat with little-to-no water. The fit of the vapor-sealed lid is made with precision so that no flavor or nutrients escape into the air.

With heavy-duty 7 ply stainless steel cookware:

* You can fry chicken without a drop of oil.
* You can cook juicy hamburgers with no oil.
* You can cook delicious carrots with only a tablespoon of water.
* You can cook meats and poultry with 70% less shrinkage.
* You can cook in 14 the time, with 14 the heat.
* You can cook vegetables which are so tasty, you will hardly need seasoning.

The Wonders of Waterless Cooking

Here are some comments from happy housemakers:

Not tired after eating anymore. "I no longer feel tired after eating. I used to feel so drained after a meal, I would go to sleep. Now, I have real energy after dinner. Three cheers for waterless cooking!" -- Virginia

Stomach light after eating. "I used to feel so bloated and full after eating. Everything felt like lead in my stomach; like an iron ball from a cannon. No longer. Since my wife changed to waterless cooking, everything feels light." -- New York

Better than Kentucky-fried chicken - without the grease. "My fried chicken is tender as baked chicken." -- North Carolina

Extra juicy Hamburgers. "My hamburgers are juicier than ever. They hardly shrunk at all. They used to be so dry. We cook hamburgers with no oil -- even lean ones," -- Texas

Roasts are so tender, they melt in your mouth. "You really had to chew hard to eat my old roasts. Now, they are so tender, they just fall apart in your mouth."

Amazingly sweet cabbage. "The cabbage my wife used to make was horribly bland. I always used to get indigestion. Now I am amazed at the sweetness."

Cauliflower no longer gray. "For years my cauliflower would turn gray when I made them in my aluminum pot. Not anymore. They are as white as when I first put them in. They taste better too." -- New York

Food is much brighter. "I can't believe how bright and colorful my vegetables are after cooking. They are almost as fresh and bright as before I cooked them."

Best applesauce I ever made. "I always wondered why my kids never liked my applesauce. Now all of a sudden, everyone wants seconds." -- New Jersey

You can bake on top of the stove: With the 7-ply cookware, the heat is so even, you can easily bake pies, cakes and breads on top of the stove.

STOP cooking the old way! Stop using archaic cooking methods which destroys the taste of food. Most cookware is designed to last only 1-2 years. Our sets have a Lifetime Warranty! Vapor-sealed lids -- the secret to great cooking. The fit of the vapor-sealed lid is made with such precision, that NO flavor or nutrients escape into the air. If you can smell food cooking, it means you are using the wrong cookware and too high heat.

The DANGERS of popular cookware:

Aluminum: This is the worst cookware you can use. Aluminum is a dirty, filthy metal. It can cause every disease from headaches to cold sores to Alzheimers.

Teflon and Enamel: These chip very easily and can end up in your food. They are aluminum based.

Glass: This burns very easily and causes food to stick.Light-weight department store stainless steel: These are so thin, they burn nearly everything.

Our complete 17-piece Vapo-seal set contains:

A. 112 Quart Saucepan
B. 212 Quart Saucepan
C. 312 Quart Saucepan with 3 Quart Steamer
D. 712 Quart Dutch Oven with High Dome Lid.
E. Rack Insert for Dutch Oven with five egg cups for poached eggs, desserts, and puddings.
F. 11-Inch Skillet with two handles for safe, easy use. Includes Cover. The High Dome Lid also fits the skillet - This makes for a great chicken fryer.

This set makes the perfect wedding or anniversary gift!

Remember, it has a Life-time Warranty. Compare and Save!

This is the same set sold everyday in home parties for over $1600.00!!

If you haven't tried my blue ribbon winning Marilyn's Famous Whole Wheat Bread Recipe, here is the link to the recipe.

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