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Pressure Cookers

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Why Use A Pressure Cooker?

Forget all the dire warnings and concerns about pressure cookers that you remember from your mom or Aunt Lillian. Today’s pressure cookers offer safety and reliability unmatched by those of the past.

I use my pressure cooker almost daily as it provides:

* Quick Nutritious Meals - not only do you save time and effort but less cooking time means more nutrient retention.
* Great Taste And Flavor - flavor retention that gives fast food timing without the fast food taste.
* Energy Efficient - Less cooking time means less energy use and less dollar usage. Not only that, but your kitchen will stay cooler due to decreased cooking times.
* Other Savings - low cost meats can be cooked in a fraction of the time necessary to get that prized tenderness.

Compare Cooking Times!

* Grains twice as fast as conventional cooking.
* Beans (soaked) 10 to 20 times as fast.
* Stocks 4 times as fast.
* Pasta sauce 4 times as fast.
* Whole chicken 5 times as fast.
* Beef stew 6 to 8 times as fast.

Why I Love The Duromatic...

If you’ve ever used a second generation pressure cooker and after cooking the food found that the lid just won’t budge you’ve experienced Vapor-lock. Vapor-lock is a condition under which some second generation pressure cookers become permanently locked shut - you can’t get it open no matter what you do!   All of the newer second generation pressure cookers experience this phenomenon...except one.  You guessed it. The Duromatic  pressure pans will not vapor-lock.  Just another reason to be confident about Kuhn Rikon and their pressure pans!

Compare with other pressure cookers!

Standard Features Include:
* Integrated automatic lid-locking system.
* 18/10 stainless steel will not interact with food and is dishwasher safe.
* Stainless steel clad aluminum disk enables even browning and rapid heat absorption without food coming in contact with the aluminum.
* New generation spring-loaded precision valve.
* Stainless steel steaming plate on all but the waffle bottom model.
* 10-year warrantee on all non-replaceable parts, materials, and workmanship.
* Quick Cuisine  Cookbook.
* Over 50 years experience in manufacturing pressure cookers.

Features Include:
* Safe - The integrated lid-locking system and no fewer than 5 safety steam-release systems make the UL approved Duromatic the standard of safety worldwide.
* Fast - Compare cooking times! Cooking with the Duromatic takes an average of 1/3 the cooking time of conventional cooking methods.
* Easy - The secret is the Duromatic’s spring-loaded valve which takes the guesswork out of pressure cooking. No noisy steam escaping and no more mushy food!
* Healthy - The Duromatic redefines the term “fast food”. Cook high-fiber, low-fat foods in record time. Preserve vitamins and essential nutrients.
* Versatile - Cooks everything: grains, meats, chicken, vegetables and even desserts.
* Economical/Ecological - Since cooking with the Duromatic takes 1/3 the time, you save 70% of energy normally consumed during cooking. The Duromatic pays for itself in energy savings.
* Reliable - The Duromatic carries a full 10 year warranty. This is the last pressure cooker you’ll ever need.

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