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The below article is excerpted from Treasury of Vintage Homekeeping Skills by Martha Greene

Preface by Marilyn Moll

Several months ago, I read a post on an online discussion group. In the post, Lin Carzares was reminiscing about her grandmother's homekeeping notebook. Lin said, in part, "My grandmother scheduled every facet of her housekeeping and considered it an actual occupation, it was her calling in life, and it showed in how meticulous she was with her notebook. It was a hard-bound book, about 5" x 8" and about an inch thick. She made detailed diagrams and sketches to illustrate her ideas. How I wish I had that notebook - I could learn a lot from her!"

Instantly, my mind went back to my own grandmother's Depression-era
kitchen. I have fond, vivid memories of walking into her kitchen, my
youthful senses immediately awash in the tantalizing smells of spicy
gingersnap cookies, homemade applesauce, and succulent blueberry pie.
Imagine the glory of a childhood in which one awakens to the smell of
baking blueberry muffins, waiting to be served hot for breakfast upon
colorful, Fiestaware plates.

My friend, Martha Greene, read the same post by Lin Cazaras. She was
immediately inspired to create a vintage-flavored notebook on homekeeping
skills  one that could be used by mothers today to pass on to their
children. Martha consulted with me and other like-minded homekeepers,
and she has compiled an incredibly useful and warm treasury of
information for the homekeeper. The Treasury of Vintage Homekeeping
is truly a book whose time has come � again!

The Treasury represents a remarkable union of practical and useful
information, thought-provoking and timeless quotations, delightful
vintage graphics, and a wide variety of delicious recipes for all
occasions. With the help of several contributors, the finished product
covers such subjects as old-time medicinal home remedies, patterns for
handiwork, outlines and ideas for gardening, instruction on baking and
cooking, and a section on home business.

The Treasury of Vintage Homekeeping Skills is a loving and practical way for mothers today to pass on their homekeeping skills to their daughters and granddaughters. It encourages us to press on in the honorable profession of homemaking. This book deserves a place in every hope chest; a space on each woman's shelf who truly has a heart's desire to be a wife and mother. It is a work deserving of being preserved and passedon for many, many years to come.  Order Item #6119        $29.95

Orders of $100 in assorted products or more this book may be purchased for only  $15.95 (upon request)
Orders of $200 assorted products or more this book may be purchased for  FREE (upon request)  Use the comments section of check out to let us know you would like this item.

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