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Hospitality and other Lost Arts

CIVIL WAR IN THE KITCHEN - A Walk Through History
Civil War history has fascinated citizens from both the North and South for over a century. Since many homeschool families will eventually be studying the various aspects of t
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Recovering Hospitality
Do you delight in the opportunity to be hospitable; receiving and entertaining strangers with kindness and without reward? Romans 12:13 says "Share with God's people who are i
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Valentine's Mother Daughter Tea
Valentine's Mother Daughter Tea By Beth Holland Valentine's Day is a time to think of those you love and spend time with them in a unique way. What could be more fun t
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25 Tips for a Relatively Relaxed Family Reunion
by Mary Steinke Two memories from childhood stand out in my mind from our annual reunions on the family farm. First, I remember being locked in an outhouse in the mi
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As a young girl, I vividly and fondly remember walking into my Grandmother's Depression era kitchen greeted by the tantalizing and unforgetable smells of spicy ginger snap c
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All the information you need to get started! by Susan Dahlem What is Saponification??? **Saponification - a reaction in which an ester is heated with an alkali, such
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HOLIDAY TIMETABLE - Let's get organized
We, at The Urban Homemaker, don't advocate complicated or expensive holiday celebrations, and wish to encourage your family to focus on the true meaning of the holiday season.
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The below article is excerpted from Treasury of Vintage Homekeeping Skills by Martha Greene Preface by Marilyn Moll Several months ago, I read a post on an online discussion
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Old Fashioned Skills for Today- Teaching Lost Arts
Teaching Lost Arts by Rebekah Wilson Although it was once necessary to know and use many of the "old fashioned skills" in order to produce what a family needed and
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Beattitudes for Homemakers
Beattitudes for a Housewife by Mary Mae Oesch Blessed is she whose daily tasks are a labor of love; for her willing hands and happy heart translate duty into privilege,
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The Hope Chest - A Legacy of Love
About a week ago, a customer called wanting to know what books I had that would help girls prepare sewn items their hopechests. When she received the book, Hope Chest Legacy
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Making Time for the Hope Chest Society
Making Time for a Hope Chest Society Club by Ruth Sundeen, founder The Hope Chest Society If there's one thing I know, it's that young ladies and mothers enjoy gettin
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Simple Wreath Making Instructions
Directions for Making a Wreath              Step by Step Instructions         &n
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Serving Others From our Kitchen
SERVING OTHERS FROM OUR KITCHEN  by Lisa Taylor Ed Note:  Lisa has a very important message to encourage m
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Lessons from the Refiner's Fire by Pete Dunn
Ed Note:  While picking up grain at our Denver grain sale in April, customer Pete Dunn felt led of the Holy Spirit to give me the following paper, Lessons from the Refine
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