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Making Time for the Hope Chest Society

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Making Time for a Hope Chest Society Club

by Ruth Sundeen, founder The Hope Chest Society

If there's one thing I know, it's that young ladies and mothers enjoy getting together and socializing. I've seen it again and again. I'd like to see something else happening, though; I'd like to see young ladies and mothers getting together, socializing AND doing something productive at the same time. That something productive will be rewarding to both mother and daughter; to the mother because she's planning for her daughter's future, and to the daughter, who is thinking beyond the present to what God has in store for her in the future in terms of a husband, home and children.

When I first began teaching sewing classes, it was out of necessity because the girls I was working with needed the skills, but didn't have them. Then I invited more girls over to my home in order for my daughter to have some friends to socialize with AND to promote the idea that they could actually prepare items for their own personal use in the future. The girls got together, talked over the events of the day and things that were important to them, AND kept their hands busy at the same time. They had something to show for all that time together, they motivated each other to complete their projects, and they came up with new ideas for projects that were unique to them.

When I taught mothers and daughters together, the mothers were thrilled to be learning new skills or refreshing their memories of long-forgotten ones, their daughters learned new skills, and both mothers and daughters were able to work on projects together that were going to be of long-term importance. When the girls are older and ready to start their own homes, they will remember all the time they spent with "Mom," working on projects that they are now using for their own families. What a way to build memories of a lifetime!

As I've said to my friends before, all of us are so busy we don't HAVE time to do much of anything extra, but when it comes to the priorities of life, we will have to MAKE time to do what's important. I would encourage you to not only begin working on handsewing skills and projects with your daughters, preparing items for her hope chest, but make time to get together with other mothers and daughters and do what Timothy tells us in God's word: "Spur one another on to good works." It will be time well-spent!

Here's what a few Hope Chest Society members have to say:

Being a part of Hope Chest Society was such a wonderful experience for me and my daughters. We enjoyed spending time with other families as we learned to sew, knit and crochet. What a blessing it is for me to see my 15 year old spending her spare time crocheting a hat or knitting a scarf (instead of watching TV) and my 6 year old pick up a needle, thread it, and begin to sew something! Our family has been blessed by the many wonderful handmade items that have been given as gifts because of the new skills the girls have learned! Hope Chest has made us all realize how special that home-made touch is in a home.

Carla A. (Mandeville, Louisiana)

Being part of the Hope Chest Society was truly a blessing. We learned many useful skills which we might not have acquired otherwise. I was amazed to see that my 6 year old daughter was able to hand sew, crochet, and even knit. We made rag dolls, including its clothes. She is currently working on a quilt square. I would like to encourage all mothers and daughters to become members of the Hope Chest Society. It will be a time of bonding and fellowship with other families.

Marsha P. (Covington, LA)

For more information about starting a Hope Chest Society, please visit Ruth at The Hope Chest Society or email her at:

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