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Ingredient Changes for a Nutrient Dense Diet

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If you have begun to transition to a more nutrient dense diet based on Nourishing
or Eat Fat Lose Fat, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. This article will summarize ingredient changes to make your existing recipes more NT (Nourishing Traditions) friendly.

Ingredient changes:

Replace commercial baked goods such as bread, muffins, biscuits, tortillas, crackers etc., with: Breads, muffins, biscuits, pancakes, etc prepared using fresh whole grain flours using the Two Stage Process. If you do not have a grain mill, many batters can be prepared with whole grains using a blender. Additional recipes for baked goods are found here.

Replace sugar with: Rapadura, sucanat, muscovado, raw honey, maple syup, or stevia.

Replace white flour with: Freshly milled (if possible) whole wheat flour, kamut flour spelt flour, sprouted whole grain flour, other freshly milled flour

Replace water and bullion cubes or canned stock with: Home-made chicken or beef stock.

Replace shortening with: Virgin coconut oil or Spectrum brand shortening which is made of palm oil, or raw butter, if available.

Replace cream of mushroom, cream of chicken and other creamed soups with: Homemade white sauce, add flavorings yourself. Here is the recipe: 2 TB olive oil, 2 TB whole wheat flour, and 1 Cup Stock. Multiply this out for the number of cups you need to have a very healthy and tasty homemade cream of chicken soup.

Replace vegetable oils such as canola oil or corn oil with- coconut oil or butter, olive oil or Mary's Oil Blend. Use a wide variety of healthy fat for a good balance of essential fatty acids.

Replace canned fruit in syrup- fresh fruit with a little honey and enough added fluid for the recipe

Replace skim or 2% milk with: Raw Milk or Coconut Milk

Replace flavored yogurt with: Raw milk or whole milk yogurt . Add 1-2 tbs all-fruit preserves for sweetening.

Replace dry milk with: coconut milk powder
Replace constarch with: arrowroot powder

Replace canned beans with: Dry beans that have been soaked overnight in water with vinegar added. Drain in the morning,, add fresh water to cover bring to a boil and simmer until softened. Drain. Add

Replace rice, soy or almond milk with: Raw cow's milk

Replace table salt with: Real Salt or sea salt

Replace soft drinks and juice with: Carbonated water, NT ginger ale, kvass, kefir soda or other fermented drinks. See NT for more details.

Replace cheese with: raw milk cheese when possible.

Replace commercial mayo and salad dressings with: Homemade dressings and mayo from NT's recipes or use good quality mayo or dressings that do not contain soy oil.

Replace pasta with: Brown rice pasta, spaghetti squash. or other whole grain alternative, properly prepared.

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