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Cost to Make Whole Wheat Bread

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Costs of Marilyn's Famous Whole Wheat Homemade Bread

Recently I have been challenged to calculate the cost of my homemade bread to see if the savings is really worth it.

This is how I calculate (estimate) the cost of bread per loaf:

My grain costs me about $20.00 per 50 lb bag. It takes roughly one
pound of flour per loaf (1.5 lb loaf).The whole wheat flour cost is 40 cents.

Water is free, but I do use filtered water so there is no chlorine or other chemical contaminants in my bread.

Saf Yeast costs me $4.99 per pkg (I use SAF Instant yeast). I would use
about 1 tsp per loaf. I calculate that cost at 5 cents, that is an estimate.

Salt is 1 tsp. I don't calculate that cost, but call it 1 cent. (I use Real Salt)

Honey and oil are my most expensive ingredients. I would use 2 TB
honey per loaf and 2 TB oil per loaf, so depending on the costs of the oil and honey you
purchase (bulk purchases are cheaper per cup). I calculate the honey cost at 25
cents (1 cup of honey costs me $2.00 because I buy it in bulk).

The oil is 2TB per loaf and I use olive oil which costs me about $13.00 for 2 qts. so
that is 20 cents for 2 TB.

Total estimated expense is $.91.

So even if your ingredient costs are more because you don't buy in
bulk, we are talking in the neighborhood of $1.00 to $1.25 a loaf. You could add in
electrical costs if you were really wanting an accurate cost, but I
think the point is homemade bread is significantly less expensive and better
quality than most store bought equivalents.

Depending on the size of your family and how many loaves of bread you
use a week, you can calculate annual savings. Large families will save a bundle!

Marilyn's Famous Bread Recipe is VERSATILE! Use it to make cinnamon rolls, pizza, bread sticks, and more. Click this link for Whole Wheat Bread Dough Variations. If you use this bread dough to make your own rolls, cinnamon rolls, pizza, etc.the savings continues to grow.

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