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Norwex Mop System

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NORWEX MOP SYSTEMS - The  Norwex mops are excellent for keeping your flooring looking great by using only water to clean.  You can also use them to dust and wash walls, ceilings, and other hard-to-reach areas. 

The mop systems includes the extendable mop handle, mop base, dry mop and wet mop used for cleaning hardwood, tile, linoleum, and other floor surfaces, walls and ceilings.  They come in mini- size for small flooring areas.  Large mops are best if you have large flooring areas.

The following information describes the dry mops (both polyester and microfiber) and the wet mop.  I really love the velcro mop base as I like the way the mop pad stays firmly attached to the base while I use it.

Superior Dry Mop-yellow

The Dry Superior mop is great for large flooring areas, particularly where there are children and pets.  It contains 100% microfiber so it picks up even the smallest particles of dust and dirt and 99.9% of the germs and bacteria on your floor.  There is a mini Superior Mop System and a Large Superior Mop System.  If you have a large floor area you will be happier with the Large Mop, if a very small floor area (like me) you will be happpiest with the mini-Superior system.

DRY MOP-yellow (Polyester)

This dry mop is made of 100% Polyester and is excellent for cleaning floors, ceilings, walls, ceiling fans and high windows.  the mops are statically charged so he static electricity attracts dirt, dust, pet hair, crumbs, and micro particles like a silent vacuum cleaner.  To clean- use the rubber brush to remove the dirt or shake it out.  Launder occasionally as needed.

* The dry mop has a thick pile. It attaches to the Velcro on the mop base.


* Extensive use of dry mopping will preserve your hardwood and tile floors and reduce the wear and tear on waxed surfaces.

* Can be used on all washable surfaces, such as windows, and all smooth surfaces such as floors, walls, and ceilings.

* Begin by mopping around the edges of the room and walk your way towards the center moving he mop in a figure 8. This means that one side of the mop fills with the dirt first. When it no longer picks up dirt turn the other edge towards you and continue in the same manner.

* Thanks to the mop bases' flexible design you can easily clean hard to reach areas.

Wet Mops

The wet mop in either mop system is made of new microfiber ideal for washing floors and walls.  Sweep the surface with dry mop first and then clean with the wet Mop.  Remove the pad from the base and hand to dry when done washing floors or walls.  Make sure that you use the proper mopping technique-Move the mop in a good size figure-8 pattern from left to right in front of you, bringing the mop towards you as you back up so that you will be cleaning in one direction. 

Proceed to mop and clean your entire floor in a figure 8 pattern, rinsing when the front edge becomes dirty.

For spot cleaning- you can also use the spray bottle of water to dampen the floor, and then wipe with the mop.

Use the wet mop on Hardwood floors, tile, marble, wood, laminate, linoleum.

Note:  Always use the dry mop prior to using the wet mop.  Yellow mops are Dry for cleaning.  Blue mops are Wet for washing.

Maintenance for the Mops

*To save the environment and reduce the use of detergents, we suggest that slightly dirty mops be rinsed in warm water and used again before being washed. The mops can be washed with regular lint-free laundry. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners, however.

The small mop base is 9" X 3".  Large mop base is 16" X 3".
The telescopic handle will extend from 38" to 63".  

The Mop system comes in two sizes, Click Here to purchase the Mop System.  Call us at 1-800-552-7323 for more information.

The mop systems will be going up in price on February 1, 2008. Purchase any mop system before the price goes up and get a complimentary copy of Breakfasts for Busy Moms - Kicking the Breakfast Cereal Habit

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