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RECIPES AND IDEAS for a meaningful, joy-filled holiday.

Herbed Lemon Chicken
  This simple recipe, courtesy of my friend Stephanie, receives a four star rating! This recipe can be doubled, tripled or quadrupled and extra batches frozen in the ma
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Basic Salsa can be made using the following recipe. Add other spices to create your own "signature recipe" 14 pounds of tomatoes (scalded and peeled and cut-up) 5
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Broccoli Marinade
Marinade:1 C. apple cider vinegar1 TB fructose1 TB dill weed1/2 TB salt1 TB black ground pepper1-2 tsp garlic powder1 C. safflower oil1 large or 2 medium broccoli heads, cut
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Cauliflower-Potato Soup
Cauliflower Potato Soup This soup is delicious. You may cut both the butter and cream cheese from the original recipe in half to lower the fat content. It is still deli
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COOKING WITH CHILDREN - FUN AND HEALTHY SNACKS MARILYN'S FAMOUS FRUIT LEATHER 1 Cup fruit (fresh or canned) strawberries, apricots, and peaches are my favorites 1 larg
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Creamed New Potatoes and Peas
Creamed New Potatoes & Peas "Enjoy the bounty of the Spring Garden!" Makes 4 servings, double or triple as needed. 15-20 new potatoes (Or regular potatoes cut
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Easy No-Fail Yogurt
Easy No-Fail Yogurt If you use powdered milk, the yogurt will be especially fast, easy, and economical because you are able to skip the step which requires scalding the milk.
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German Puff Pancake
  I like this easy recipe because it is so easy and versatile; perfect for a company breakfast. Powdered eggs can be substituted for fresh eggs and no one will be the wi
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Juicing: Tips For Preparing Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juice
1. Use organic herbs, fruits, and vegetables if at all possible OR grow your own. Conventional produce should be thoroughly washed or peeled. 2. Carrots, cabbage, ap
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Lacto-Fermented Salsa
LACTO-FERMENTED SALSA A Perfect way to use the bounty of the Fall Harvest of Tomatoes!  Makes one quart, double, or quadruple if you have lots of tomatoes and peppers. D
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Quick Mediterranean Pasta Salad Recipe and Tips
THIS WEEK'S 'Dinner on the Double' Quick Mediterranean Pasta Salad Here's what you need: Whole wheat rotini (or similar) pasta (about 8 oz.), 1 can (about 14 oz.)
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Raised Bed Gardening by Lisa Vitello
    Since we were “suburb born” rookies when we first made our move to the country, we have gleaned from a lot of different resources to educate our
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Strawberry-Spinach Salad
STRAWBERRY SPINACH SALAD This recipe has been adapted from SIMPLY IN SEASON, Recipes that celebrate fresh, local foods in the spirit of More-with-Less..has infinite v
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Time Saving Hints for Home Preservers
ALWAYS MAKE SURE ALL EQUIPMENT IS ON HAND BEFORE STARTING. There is nothing worse than coming up short on lids or sugar, spices or some other needed ingredient once you get
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